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The Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority (FSGLA) was established through the merger of the former Free State Gambling and Racing Board and the Free State Liquor Authority. The merger necessitated the review of both the Free State Gambling and Liquor Acts. This review brought about the Free State Gambling and Liquor Act No. 6 of 2010 which commenced on the 11th June 2010.


The mandate of FSGLA it is to regulate both the Free State Gambling Judi Bola and Liquor industries through issuing of licenses, monitoring and regulating, and reporting to the responsible member on all gambling and Liquor matters. Its strategic objectives include;

  • To enhance the contribution of the gambling sector to shared accelerated economic growth
  • To monitor compliance of the gambling industry to existing legislation and policies
  • Intensifying the fight against illegal gambling and money laundering throughout the Province
  • To ensure efficient and effective resource management

Corporate Social Investment

The Authority has not neglected its social responsibility towards members of the situs slot online community thus continue to preach the gospel of responsible gambling and drinking, these issues have been elevated to the Strategic level to ensure execution to the latter. It is responsible for the implementation of the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) which seek to integrate research and monitoring, public education and awareness, training, treatment and counseling in addressing problem gambling. The Authority conducts awareness campaigns through road shows, radio slots and printed publications on local newspapers.

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