FS Development Corporation


The Free State Development Corporation (FDC) is a key contributor in the fight against poverty and unemployment as it seeks to establish partnerships with several organizations in an effort to attract investments and create sustainable job opportunities in the Free State. This is in line with the Corporation’s revised mandate in terms of the FDC Act 6, 1995 as amended to incorporate FIPA. The Corporation has been mandated to be the key drivers of economic growth and development in the Free State Province.

FDC’s Mandate

The FDC Act sets out the main objects of the corporation and outlines its main responsibilities to include promoting the Province as a preferred business and investment destination; developing sustainable Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) through financial and other business support services; the promotion, facilitation and recruitment of private sector investments into local opportunities; as well as the provision of industrial, commercial and residential properties at competitive rates to businesses and residents establishing in the Free State. The FDC also has the responsibility to develop and implement an export promotion programme for Free State products and services, both nationally and internationally.

FDC’s Vision

Is to be the leading development agency contributing to the economic growth of the Free State Province.

FDC’s Mission

Is to provide financial and business support services to SMMEs and cooperatives,  facilitation of business investments, the development and management of properties, as well as promoting exports from the Free State Province.

FDC Goals

  • To contribute to the economic growth of the Free State Province in line with Outcome 4 of the New Growth Path
  • To build a sustainable organisation that strives for business and service delivery excellence
  • To attain the FDC Corporate Blueprint Strategic Objectives
  • To create a conducive business and effective collaborative environment to attract investment, promote exports and develop enterprises
  • To develop, facilitate and promote viable foreign and local investments for the Free State Province
  • To attain the organisation’s operational sustainability
  • To develop and manage property portfolio to achieve and maintain the sustainability thereof
  • To effectively develop sustainable SMMEs and cooperatives through financial and non-financial assistance and support to ensure sustainability
  • To promote and increase the number of exporters from the province to sustain economic production and decent jobs in line with Outcome 6 of the NGP
  • To increase and manage market awareness of FDC services and the Free State as a preferred business destination
  • To ensure compliance with policies, procedures and all applicable legislation and regulations to streamline operations and achieve clean audits
  • Support customer-centric business processes by decreasing turn-around time in all FDC services in line with Batho-Pele Principles
  • To build a fully capacitated workforce through investing in human capacity to promote innovation
  • To build and maintain the FDC’s information systems in order to enhance organizational efficiency, effectiveness and intellectual capability

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