Friends of the Poor


The Friends of the Poor Fund was launched in December 2009 as the Hlasela Fund to replace what had been known previously as the Premier’s Fund. The new Fund was registered as a not-for-profit organization with the Department of Social Development with its own constitution and Board of Directors. The concept of the Fund developed from the Friends of the Poor Partnership Programme launched by the MEC responsible for Social Development on 22 July 2009.  This is one of the strategies of the provincial government to improve the lives of people of the Free State and to accelerate service delivery through partnerships with the business sector and civil society to fulfil the notion of “Working together we can do more”.

The programme is premised on the following strategic imperatives of the Social Cluster:

  • Strengthening social protection measures
  • Development of social and human capital
  • Promote social cohesion
  • Job creation and sustainable livelihoods
  • Building sustainable communities
  • Develop and sustain partnerships with social partners to accelerate service delivery

Aims and Objectives


Build a caring society through social partnerships.


  • To mobilize a critical mass of social partners, particularly business and donor community, to support and engage in collaborative efforts with government to fight poverty.
  • To raise donations to provide and sustain social protection programmes.
  • To raise sponsorship to build and upgrade infrastructure and provide equipment to render community based services.
  • To raise awareness on Government`s Programme on War on Poverty.


  • Business Community
  • Donor communities
  • Parastals
  • Government Departments
  • Municipalities
  • Academic institutions
  • Faith Based Organization
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Individuals

African Chinese Charity Foundation

SA-Sino Group has always regarded corporate social responsibilities as the vital part of the corporate development strategies. As the subsidiary, SA-Sino (SA) Media Investment (Pty) Ltd. has been involved in the operation of the African Chinese Charity Foundation. During February 2011, SA-Sino (SA) Media Investment (Pty) Ltd and the African Chinese General Chamber of Commerce & Industry co-founded the African Chinese Charity Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa. The foundation has signed a counterpart cooperation agreement with Charity Fund of Free State Province (Friends of the Poor Voluntary Contribution Fund) to improve the local health and education conditions in forms of renovating clinics and donating computers to students.

How to Contribute

The Fund affords organisations, employees in government and the private sector the opportunity to make donations to support different government projects intended to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

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