Basic values and principles governing public administration

Public administration must be governed by the democratic values and principles enshrined in the Constitution, including the following principles:

  • A high standard of professional ethics must be promoted and maintained.
  • Efficient, economic and effective use of resources must be promoted.
  • Public administration must be development-oriented.
  • Services must be provided impartially, fairly, equitably and without bias.
  • People’s needs must be responded to, and the public must be encouraged to participate in policy-making.
  • Public administration must be accountable.
  • Transparency must be fostered by providing the public with timely, accessible and accurate information.
  • Good human-resource management and career-development practices, to maximise human potential, must be cultivated.
  • Public administration must be broadly representative of the South African people, with employment and personnel management practices jasa interior based on ability, objectivity, fairness, and the need to redress the imbalances of the past to achieve broad representation.

Joining the Public Service

Vacancies in the national and provincial government are filled by recruiting serving employees or by inviting applications from those who are not employed in the Public Service. Vacancies in senior positions, i.e. the senior management service, must be advertised nationally for recruitment from within and from outside the Public Service.

The Department of Public Service and Administration compile and issue on a weekly basis the Public Service Vacancy Circular. Public Service Vacancy Circular informs public servants about vacancies within the Public Service. Persons who are not Public Service employees, but are interested in the positions advertised should first establish from the advertising department if they can apply. The contact details of the advertising departments are provided idn poker in the Circular.

If recruitment is extended to persons not employed in the Public Service, the relevant national or provincial department will advertise such vacancies in the print media. The Free State Department of the Premier consolidates all vacancies that need to be advertised from all provincial government departments and places slot gacor such recruitment adverts at least once a month in the print media.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Form Z83 (Application for Employment). This form is available from the DPSA website or province any national or provincial department.
  • Attach your updated curriculum vitae (CV), if required. You may also be required to attach certified copies of your educational qualifications, identity document and other person documents. It is important to read the advertisement carefully to see what documents should be attached to the application form.
  • Submit the form to the department where the vacancy is available.
  • Depending on the approach followed by the relevant department, you may receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your application.

Legal Framework

Recruitment in the public service is governed by some of the following key Acts;

  • Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act 66 of 1995)
  • Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998)
  • Public Service Act, 1994 (Act 103 of 1994)
  • Defence Act, 2002 (Act 42 of 2002)
  • South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act 68 of 1995)
  • Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act 76 of 1998)
  • Correctional Services Act, 1998 (Act 111 of 1998)


The application form is free of charge.