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The Director General of the Free State Provincial Government, Kopung Ralikontsane has urged all government employees across the province to rally behind the DTT migration process and be part of the historic process. The analogue signal in the Free State will be permanently switched to digital by the end of December 2018, meaning that residents will lose all broadcasts if they have not migrated to digital by then.

Key information government employees need to know about Digital Migration:
1. What is Digital Migration? It is a process of moving from analogue to digital broadcasting.
2. What is the difference between Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and Direct-to-Home (DTH) services? DTT refers to the use of a land-based network of television (TV) transmitters to broadcast digital signals. DTH is a digital satellite service that provides TV services direct to subscribers.

3. The benefits of digital TV include:
3.1 Clearer sound,
3.2 More channels,
3.3 A digital TV guide with accurately updated schedules,
3.4 Superior picture quality on a standard definition or high definition (HD) TV.
 According to the deputy minister, the dti has prioritised its Rural and Township Industrial Economic Programme, as part of the implementation of the department’s Industrial Parks Revitalisation Programme.
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