News — 25 July 2013
Premier furnishes pensioner’s house

Esther Masako (95) was given household furniture by the Free State Provincial government after premier Ace Magashule was informed that she was sleeping on a worn out mattress and had no furniture.

Magashule was touched by Masako’s plight after learning that her three grandchildren sold the pensioner’s furniture and food to make money.

“They removed her from the RDP house that she was given by government and left her to fend for herself in that two roomed house at the back,” said the pensioner’s sister, Anna Masako.

The brick house she lives in is dirty and dusty with doors that has no door handles. Masako cannot lock herself inside and has to pray for here safety every night.

“These children broke my lock and now I cannot lock myself in. They are going to take this furniture as well and sell it. Can you please do something or else they will continue to torture me.

Her grandchildren have control over her pension grant money and she relies heavily on her granddaughter Thoko, a community health worker, to buy food for her on a regular basis.

Thoko said taking care of Masako is putting a final burden on her because she has a family of her won to take care of.

According to Thoko, her grandmother moved out of the house after she complained about the high noise levels caused by some of her grandchildren.

The two roomed house she stays in can easily be confused with a storage facility. Besides the dilapidated mattress, there is an old coal stove and one filthy cabinet containing her old cups and saucers.

Magashule together with his entourage gave Masako a new bedroom suite together with a bed.

“I am happy to have received an opportunity like this. I am privileged that Premier Ace Magashule has visited me and my family. I am also very thankful for the furniture; it will make life more comfortable,” said Masako.

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